Kintsugi in the San Juans


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Kintsugi is an ancient Japanese art form that seeks to create beauty from the brokenness of an item. Gold lacquer is used to mend the pieces together, incorporating the damage as a part of its history and beauty, rather than seeking to hide the scars. The San Juan mountains in southern Colorado remind me of this art form—the jagged face of the rocks are their prominent feature, scarred by eons of weathering. However, when golden light hits the scars and jagged face of these mountains, their beauty is unrivaled by the smoother perfection of the Maroon Bells, Pikes Peak, or other iconic American Mountains.

Kintsugi in the San Juans is for all those who struggle with the impact of trauma in their lives, the scarring and brokenness it leaves in its wake. PTSD changes the way we experience the world—how our minds and bodies process information, and the constant struggle to control the inner chaos, to hide the damage in an attempt to function “normally”. I painted Kintsugi in the San Juans to remind myself and other trauma-overcomers that beauty and strength do not come from the unbroken life, but from a broken life that is being woven back together in the light and truth of God’s love and grace. Stop hiding; start shining—there is beauty in your scars. – Lisa Hewett

8×10 in. Unframed

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